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Laptop 4 Christmas

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At least: 4GB ram / i5, i7, or phenom processor / 15.6" screen


Preferred: 6 GB ram / 17" screen / fingerprint reader / blue-ray


Purpose of laptop: photo editing(family photos) / blue ray player when traveling


Trying to stay under $750. Thanks for any help, I have been looking mostly at HP and Toshiba but will consider all.

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I shop nothing but dell after 3 crappy systems. My son just paid 7 for one like you are suggesting, but his is an HP. He loves it, My reason for buying Dell is their customer service is unbeatable. I can still call for the 9 year old system, I have because before 2004 they had free tech support included.
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fits except I dont see finger reader. I would go w/ Asus, MSI, HP, based on what PC's I have seen lately for repair most. Very poor build quality or overpricing on most Dell's I have seen lately.

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