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Flip video to regular video camera

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My DS wants one too. I asked the guy in electronics at WM about them and he told me that it depends what they want them for. DS wants to make videos to put on YouTube and such and he said that the Flip wouldn't work real good for that since very little light can get in so the videos tend to be grainy. Would not work for try to video at night. I have decided to go for a small video camera instead. Plus, I have been told that they are easier to use also. Hope that helps, it helped me with my decision.
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I have a Kodak Playsport which is waterproof up to 10 ft. NOthing could be easier to use and it's made to upload quickly to facebook, You Tube, etc. I personally liked the Kodak better that the FLip after a lot of research, but I don't know why he would say a small video camera is easier to use and better for You Tube...that's what these small cameras are marketed for and my DS 10 learned to use mine quicker than I did. If you can use a cell phone you can use a Flip! Besides, on all models besides the PLaysport, the USB connection is attached to the camera which eliminates keeping up with cords. It isn't attached on the Playsport model because of the waterproofing, but I love being able to take mine on the water slides and to the beach without having to worry about damaging it.


Good luck!

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