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To get into the Holiday season NOW I listen to....


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I have begain to listen to holiday music since the first BF ad has appear. And, this is what is on my Mp3 rotation. :D


1. " The Christmas Song" by Raveonettes ( the OC soundtrack)

2. Album: The Sound of Season by Taylor Swift

3. " The Christmas Song" by Lady Gaga

4. Album" My Christmas " by Andrea Bocelli

5. Album: If on Winter's Night" by Sting

6.Album: Christmas in my Heart by Sarah Connor

7. Album: Merry Christmas by Cyndi Lauper :tongue1:

8. Album: Home for Christmas by Sheryl Crow

9. Album: Jingle All the Way by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones ( can be annoying)

10. " Last Christmas " by Wham

11. Album " Dawn of Grace " by Sixpense None of the Richer

12 Album " A midwinter night's dream" " To Drive a Cold Winter Away" Lorenna McKinnitt

13. Album: A winter Symphony by Sarah Brightman

14. Wintersong - Sarah McLachlan

15 And Winter come - Enya

16. Do they know it is Christmas - Band Aid( the original with Duran Duran/Michael Jackson and George Michael )


Ok. I gotta to admit.. I am a Big 80's fan... The Band Aid song is still my favorite. I like the odd ( Cyndi Lauper and the Sixpense None Richer ) but that Bela Fleck album can be annoying after 1/2 hour. :rolleyes:

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