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Looking for a new tv approx 46-47"


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We are loooking to buy a 46-47" tv. Could you all inform me as what to look for in the flat screen and maybe the brands? Doesn't need to be name brand, but would like a nice one. Should we wait till Black Friday?




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I know right now that Costco has a deal on a Vizio 47 inch tv for $749 right now at the store.

Its the E470vl.


I have the 47 inch model and I do like it just some things to to remember with flat screens.

#1 The sound is not good because the can't fit good speakers into the thin tv's.

It's got OK sound but I was very unhappy with it until I hooked up to my 5.1 and ran it in stereo.

With this tv and others you can control the volume for the tv remote.

#2 You need to have digital cable or satellite for any LCD tv's I can't say if it's the same for plasma.

I have this tv hooked up to analog cable and the picture is not good motion blur peoples faces are not clear Black levels are not good.

But get it on just a SD channel that digital and all this goes away and of course HD and great!!

The tv does not have any Internet apps but you can find a good deal BF for a blu-ray player that does.

#3 The screens I see more and more LCD have glass and you will get a lot of glare.

I'm not sure about the ones with the glare coatings on the but I was in best buy the other day and you can see your self like your looking into a Mirror.

This tv has a Mat screen so you will not get any glare.

#4 At Least a 120HZ model my parents have a 60HZ model and I have yet to see any thing weird on it but go with the newer 120HZ models.

Also remember that the contrast ratios are not going to be true they are blowing them way out of proportion.

It's aways a good idea to ask for a remote so you can play with the tv your thinking about buying.

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well you don't need a surround sound hooking it up to a stereo or getting a sound bar would be fine.

It all depends if you can live with the built in speakers they just don't have much base or depth to them.

Walmart also sells the Vizio for around the same price I think maybe 10 -20 dollars more.

The Hz levels is how many time per second the picture is redrawn.

60HZ the picture is redrawn 60 times per sec 120 120 times per sec 240 240 times per sec.

The higher the Hz the better the picture will be with fast motion scenes but 120 seams to be fine.

If you go with a plasma tv you don't have to worry about that.

#1 The two things about plasma tv's are that they are made of glass so you might get some glare.

#2 You can not lay the tv's down they must be transported upright.

Panasonic plasma tv's seam to be the best from what I have been told from other people and from what I have read.

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