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Any info on Farouk CHI styling iron??

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Help. I have never used one and don't know anything about it. My DD12 wants one so I thought I could get her one for Xmas. I saw one posted on the homepage from Overstock.

for $65.99 Link below.




Any and all help appreciated. Thanks

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The wet to dry you can use on wet hair, so you can straighten and dry at the same time. I don't like the wet to dry because, my hair is naturally very curly, and the wet to dry does not hold my hair straight for very long before starting to frizz. It has also been know to cause more damage to your hair. Tourmaline ceramic gives a silkier finish and does not damage your hair, and your style holds better. I don't think you could find a better flatiron than the one you are looking at.
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Thanks. I ordered it for her. For the price and free shipping plus I went thru Mypoints and got $10 for every dollar. I think she will be very surprised. I have been brushing her off everytime she asks for one. LOL

Great. I'm sure she will love it. I passed the link onto my aunt. My younger cousin (she is 15) loves the Chi flat irons as well. She ordered one for her for Christmas too.

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