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2 LED Mini Pig Piggy Flashlight $0.99 w/fs @Focalprice.com


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2 LED Mini Pig Piggy Flashlight (White)






* White cute piggy or cow image is welcomed by people.

* 2LED light, bright and visible over a long distance.

* Compact in size and easy to carry.

* With a keychain, can be attached wherever you want.

* A great decoration for your keys or bags.

* Inserted with lithium batteries.

* Brand new product with high quality.



Product Details (including package):

weight:23 g

size:14.9*8.8*2.5 cm


Pack including:

1 × 2 LED Mini Pig Keychain Flashlight

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Mine is just about 6 hours away from hers (we need to do night time driving with her) LOL


Oh my.... we haven't done night driving yet. I'm thinking they should issue drivers' ed cars to parents while going through this process. I would just feel better having that extra brake available to me. ;)

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