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HP printer cartridges???


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Ink cartridges barely ever seem to go on sale, but I use Office Depot $10 off $50 coupons (I think I get one in an email every week or 2) and once in a while Office Max has a sale (spend $$ in ink cartridges get a $10 giftcard...).


If I go to office depot to get something else I will throw in an ink cartridge or 2 to get my total over $50 to use the coupon, and when Office Max last had the sale (with the free giftcard) I went there 3 times that week to stock up on ink. You have to check the ads every week and stock up when there's a sale or an offer with purchase.


Use the gift cards from your purchase and your points (both of those stores have loyalty programs where you earn money quarterly for shopping there) to purchase ink cartridges. Both stores will give you credit from returning empty cartridges which you will eventually (quarterly) earn $3 for each empty you bring to the store.

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