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COMPUSA - TiVO Series2 40 Hour DVR - FREE


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TiVO Series2 40 Hour DVR


$200 (original price) - $50 (instant savings) - $150 (mail-in rebate) = FREE (* Activation & Subscription required)


TiVo® is a one-of-kind service that operates a digital video recorder (DVR), which is like a VCR but with a hard drive. It digitally records up to 40 hours of your favorite shows automatically, every time they're on, without the hassles of videotape. That way, all of your entertainment is ready-and-waiting for you to watch, whenever you are. Just buy a DVR, activate TiVo service and enjoy TV your way.



GOTTADEAL TIP: Add a smaller item to your order so you can recieve free shipping too, like this CD-R!!

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If this is free then y dont u put this in the free section??:)

For this kind of deal, this is the right forum as it's not really free - you still have to pay $149 up front and have to activate the unit to get the rebate. It's not like they are just giving them away for no cost out-of-pocket.
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Guest beatmix01

Actually Aaron's was posted last night, so I closed the other one :)

ah man, i guess ross just bumped it!


look at me to go and jump the gun and not be thorough.

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