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Whazzup with this, Brad? Since those previous updates to the GD forums, not only are pics we try to attatch to our posts all messed up, but I've just noticed certain links don't work when ya click on 'em. Tried to post some YouTube vids but they seem to get messed up in the redirecting process. We can work around it and embed the vids into the posts, but I'm afraid not everyone will know how to do that. Plus I think it's better if we're given a choice to click or not.


For the record, I'm not liking these new updates. :(

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Can you provide some samples? (e.g.,


I think ya just did. ;)


EDIT: Hmm... that's very weird.

Yes, it is. Links to Youtube vids used to work, I dunno exactly what it's doin' now. It becomes a Youtube link with a bunch of jibberish or somethin'. Ya could imbed the videos usin' 'INSERT VIDEO' button in the reply toolbar above but, IMHO, it takes away the option to choose to view it or not. Plus, folks viewin' the thread with older PCs or from their cellphone will have trouble.


P .S.: It works when ya just copy/paste the link itself without the extra 'http://www.gottadeal.com/goto.php?' stuff. Gotta love a good RickRoll! 40 million and counting! :D

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© 2010 Warner Bros, by the way ...


Here's an example right here. One, all our images' names we uploaded prior to the last updae are all messed up. And two, we can't se 'em in our threads anymore. They only show up as a linkie. As I said in the previous thread about the last update, while that may be beneficial to folks with a bad case of arachnophobia viewin' the 'What kinda spider is this?' thread :tongue1:, I find it somewhat annoying that we can't show our picturess off. I wanna see those spiders! :(

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