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Looking for a Desktop w/ LCD

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Looking for a desktop with LCD for under $500 or so. Just a basic computer that I could give to my parents for their basic internet needs. I was looking at Dells last week and they had some decent systems for $400 with a 15" LCD, but suddenly I can't seem to find any more desktops on sale on their site.


Requirement: I have to be able to get it by the 30th of this month.


Thanks :)

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IIRC, dell took away their system coupons. $500 will get you a bare Celeron system with a CRT. I would wait for the next Dell small business deals.


MSN.com is displaying an ad for dell that lists a free 17" LCD upgrade and a pentium 4 with a $499 price, but I cannot duplicate that deal or find it on dell's website.

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