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Room w/ a View doghouse $39.97 Petsmart.com


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I was looking for a simple crate but at this price an upgrade was basically cheaper.


I have tried every way possible to add link and it keeps giving me errors just type room with a view into search bar at petsmart.com

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OMG! I want it! I don't need it, but I want it,lmao!



I found a promo code for another $4.00 off....sooo tempting!! Enter promo code - THANKYOU


Geez!! I found an even better promo code now - $5 off $30 - ENJOY

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Here are all the current promo codes I could find to add to this deal, looks like Jen pointed out the best one, at least in my opinion, I'll bold it.


TENLP Save 10% on Any Purchase 7/4/10

FLAT $5.99 Flat Rate Shipping on $60 Purchase 7/31/10

welcome10 Save $10 on $60 Purchase 7/31/10

ENJOY Save $5 on $30 Purchase 7/31/10

THANKYOU Save 10% on Any Purchase 7/31/10


Nice find OP btw! This is too cute, sure wish we had a dog for it, lol.

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I didn't get it since what I need is a wire crate for inside to hold Bella's water bottle but figured somebody would have use for it. Even if she went outside she doesn't climb stairs:P Edited by tinkrbel
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