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Well I have just made my kids Summer by telling them we are going to Orlando and they can invite a friend each. (I have 2 kids) I was able to exchange our Timeshare to a resort in Orlando (costing us only $139 for the week) Now the next big expense are tickets to the parks. We already have some no expiration Park Hopper tickets from years ago that we have not used for the 4 of us but I have to get tickets for the 2 friends.


Now for my question. I was on Mousesaver.com and I signed up for their newsletter. They mentioned that in the newsletter there is a link for Undercover Tourist to get even lower ticket prices. Does anyone on here get the newsletter and if so could you give me the "secret link" if you are not using it to Undercover Tourist so I could get the tickets for the kids.


Thanks so much in advance for any help.

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they usually have lots of specials plus news about expected renovations/ closings for rides and disney hotels.


this last one wasn't the regularly scheduled one but a "Hot Deal" one sent out HTML only . It only mentioned double onboard discount for cruising (if booked by 05/30 and travel by 12/31), the tickets above and discounts+maximum $50 food and beverage credit if staying at Caribe Royale Orlando which they have a link to review for.


And finally a link for UndercoverTourist iPhone app is anything is interested 1.99.

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