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Skechers Shape Ups

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I LOVE my Sketchers Shape Ups! It was $69 well spent. I tried on the knock-off version at Payless and they are not the same thing.


After a couple of days getting used to using new muscles, now I don't notice them and they are SO comfortable! I walk 3 - 4 miles a day on pavement and these are the first shoes Ive had that can take the pounding.

Do they work? I think so...my muscles the first week could really feel it, now its not as noticeable. I like the idea that I am shaping up my calves and thighs, but I bought them solely on how they felt. I needed a walking shoe with lots of cushion.

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I spent $100.00 on my shape ups and I don't think I will ever buy a different kind. They are so comfy. My feet always hurt so bad in my Nike and Reebok shoes but they don't hurt after walking in the shape ups. I would say its money well spent. On one of the news programs they did a review of several pairs of shape up type shoes and they said the shape ups reallly helped the stomach muscles better than the other muscles that it advertised. I say they are so comfy and if they are helping tone at the same time what more could ya ask for lol?
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