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SanDisk 1GB Gaming Memory Stick PRO Duo

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We posted a deal a few days ago from Buy.com for $61 shipped after $20 rebate. It's now OOS though. There's a good chance they will get more in stock this week, and now there is an additional $10 rebate. Both rebates expire 9/9, so if it comes back in stock, you could possibly get it for $51 shipped after rebates.
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yeah I saw that deal for about $60 but of course I didn't know this kid (not me) wanted it. ALso, I'd prefer to PM to staples, because buy.com has always been a PITA, though they evetually come thru, if I bug them enough. It's not my dealio, so I'd prefer to take a low-hassle route if possible.

I have till the end of Sept to get it.

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Back in stock: $59.95 after rebates:




thanks, I ordered it. came to $95 - 30 rebates.

I looked in IE even if I refresh, it still showed unvailabale. but since you posted that, I checked in opera and there it was. thanks for the heads up! I just hope they ship it ok.


My last order was a 256 mb CF card for FAR a couple months ago, which was lost in transit somewhere and was a huge PITA to sort out.

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