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ipod mini


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If he can, I would strongly advise him to wait. According to many articles, such as this one:




later this month, Apple is going to announce flash-based iPod Mini's which will be smaller, have color screens and be basically around the same price. There should be 4GB, 6GB and 8GB models available. And if he still wants one of the current models, the prices on those should drop like a rock.

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I'm curious (since they're twins) - who's DS#1 and who's DS#2?

Tony is DS#1 by about 2 mins, making Roger DS#2 and the one wanting the ipod mini.


Actually now that the "nano" is out he's thinking he wants that one. I swear that kid can't make up his mind for anything. He's the one that had the PSP for all of a week before taking it back because he just didn't think he was "getting his money's worth". He'll buy a paintball gun and keep it for no longer than 3 or 4 months before upgrading. Of course, that was before they took up dove and deer hunting and he's now sold off all his paintball guns for shotguns and a 30/30...

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Guest Frieked

After seeing the new iPod Nano that's the model I would want :)

Same here...unless they now offer some insane deal on the regular mini's because apple just pretty much obsoleted them.

(heh can I used that word as a verb?)

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As always, thanks for the advise. I thinks he'll end up with one, with or without my assistance. I'm sure it's a long shot, but are there any deals out there for the nano? Where is the best one to pick one up - online or B&M?

There aren't really any hot deals on them yet. Buying from Apple.com gives you free shipping and free engraving. MacMall.com has free shipping and free FM transmitter after rebate (and $5 cheaper).
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