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$69.99+ship: VisionTek XTASY 256MB AGP


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This ATI graphics card is ~$68 w/ shipping and after a $70 MIR, but still seems like a good deal.


Graphic Card



The Rebate PDF can be found at the product page.


Anyone with experience with this card? I am very close to buying it, but I am concerned about the heatsink and fan in a small Antec Aria. Thoughts?

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Guest Frieked

I've got a visiontek xtasy 64mb PCI

I got it to use as a 2nd vid card so I could rock out the dual monitors. Does it's job nicely. I don't have any experience with the 256mb agp but I can vouch for the company that makes it :)

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my understanding is that more than 128 mb is a waste for most people and that the # of pipes is more important? anyway, I'm just repeating what I've heard bec I don't know jack about video cards.


I have an ATI 9600XT that I got last year for $100. it replaced a maddog card that last about 6 weeks. don't ever get that brand, even if it's FAR.


if you don't need a card rightnow, they usually have some blow out at best buy on video cards on BF.


edit: it says call for availability. that means none in stock.


also check out compusa. they often have decent card deals.

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