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baseball cleats w/ real cleats


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Real cleats? Do you mean metal ones?


If you do, you should check your league/school and restrictions. There are limits on who can wear them. In our league, you can only wear them from ages 12-16, but in our previous league, they were not allowed.


If you are meaning plastic ones (still real cleats), where to get them depends on the brand you are looking for. We love MC Sports. Endless.com usually has them. We also shop at the Nike and Adidas outlets. We're on an Under Armour kick- the kids love theirs.

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For metal spikes, I'd check out www.baseballexpress.com, www.eastbay.com, and www.finishline.com


You might look for some thick socks or something to wear under his uniform ones, depending on what position he plays. DH has some pretty nasty scars from getting slid into by guys with metal spikes.

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