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Help to find a HD TV with 26-32 inch screen size

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I have read many online forums about HDTV buying guide etc. but still in hesitation.


Considering viewing distance (like couple feet to 10 ft) and other factors(like price etc), I would like to have 26-31 inch size TV. Also budge it limited(preferably under 400 but can go little higher for something exceptional deal). I will use it for mostly TV but will play Movies/DVD from PC and DVD player for kids.


Now here are my questions that I need help with.


1. With this screen size, should I e fine with 720p instead of 1080p? Reading online resources, I guess yes. But wanted to have first hand experiences here.

2. With limited budget, I may not get brand name ones. Are low profile names like Vizio, viore etc are good enough in that not so big size?

3. Is buying online is bad for TVs and better to get it from local stores like walmart, target, bestbuy etc?

4. Does anyone suggest any specific model considering my constraints?

5. IS it worth paying extra for LED back-lit LCD Tvs?


Thanks for your help in advance. Hope to get one before superbowl!!

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I have a vizio 47inch and an rca 32inch and I actually like the Vizio better.. A friend of mine loves the 26inch vizio she got at sams for $289 its in her room. here is the link to the vizio 26 its a 720p she got also available at walmart.com


and here is a link for a vizio 32 inch it is a 1080p



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1. 720p should be just fine. It gets very hard to tell the difference in TVs below 42".

2. 32" Samsung under your budget http://www.walmart.com/ip/Samsung-32-720p-LCD-HDTV/10980684

The 32" screen size seems to be the "sweet spot" in purchasing. You can get the 32 for just slightly higher than a 26".

3. Online is OK, but you need to know what you are buying and it is harder to return them if defective.

4. See #2

5. LED does make it much sharper. I'm not sure if they are anywhere near your price range tho. Something will come out that is much better soon anyway. Whatever TV you buy now (even low end) will easily bridge this gap.

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thanks to both of you for the suggestions. It certainly helped. I still little hesitant about 720p thing. I saw cnet.com review that says 720p is not good if you connecting computer. I will be connecting computer to run videos. Have any one of you tried that and got any experience how the picture looks?
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