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This is probably a YMMV thing, but when i stopped into my local BL yesterday for a few cleaning products, i noticed everyone stocking up on cereal and i thought they must know something i dont, and then i saw these giant sized bags of malt o meal cereals were only .50 a bag. I sometimes cringe at the food items they have in there, but these looked really fine, they werent expired (some were getting close, but again they looked fresh to me-you can see through the bag). the bags were like super sized over 2lbs. theyve got golden crisp style, honey nut cheerios style, lucky charms style and froot loops. I bought 4 bags, because it was all i could carry-and in case it was not so tasty, but my kids were thrilled-and it tasted fine to me(im on my second bowl of charms!) anyway they had some other items marked down as well-so if you are in the market to stock up on some cereal, head down today before its gone!
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