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5 Piece Table & Chair Bridge Set - Now $27.48 (Was $54.99) @ Target.com


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I think I'm going to try, but I know that I won't have much success, but I need a new table and chairs!


It clearly states on the site "This item is available online and in stores". It doesn't state that it will be more in the stores.

I would probably would just call your store, give them the DCPI number, and ask them to price check it.


Because what you quoted "This item is available online and in store" to ME, means that it SOLD online AND in store. Not that they will both be priced the same.


hth :)

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Just got back from my local Target where I ended up getting one for $31.48 before tax.


I couldn't find them on the floor so I had to ask about them. Turns out they had 10 of these in stock in the back on a pallet.


I'm a very happy camper considering our chairs and table are sooooo OLD and GROSS!

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