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Best Deal on an Apple Ipod Touch 3rd gen 8GB?

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Yes Amazon has the best deal right now....and the NO TAX helps alot!!!


As for what you need you dont need anything.....it comes with earphones and a charger


Maybe an i tunes card if you pay for your music I use frostwire so my music is free.




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I got one last week on bestbuy.com. It was an online only price of $180-something. I did instore pickup, still under $200 after taxes. but then I spent $20 for the protective case and $14 for the screen protector



Looks like it's still on sale online. $183.99





Here's the screen protector I got:




And this is similar to the protecive cover I got. (mine was only 19.99 and had a pink one and a white one)



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If you do not mind "refurbished" ipods, then you can purchase a 2nd generation 8gb from Apple for $149.00. FYI...they only difference between a 2nd gen and a 3rd gen is software, which you can download from itunes for $4.95. I did this for my wife for x-mas. Keep in mind that Apple sells out quickly on the refurbished ipods.
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