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What stores have the best after Christmas sales?


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I can tell you that our Kohls store will have next to nothing after Christmas!


I had to go to the customer service desk today, and the Christmas section was almost cleared out. Looks like they have had a 70% off sale going. Same for the plates/glasses, candles, everything.

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Last year my favorite place to shop was Hobby Lobby! About a week after Christmas, all their Christmas stuff went 90% OFF and they still had gobs of items! I got me some very cute expensive Christmas ornaments, and lights. They had trees still too, but I didn't need one of those.
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i bought tons of stuff at walgreens 75 off last year. my yard looks like santa threw up on it with all the wiggle and jiggle stuff in it from walgreens.

Our local Walgreens will not be marking Christmas items down to 75% off. Instead, they are packing it up, to sell next year. I asked after I noticed a manager packing Christmas items up. Don't know that all stores are doing it, but this one is!


I guess I need to check with our other 3 Walgreens stores and see if they're doing the same thing. I really wanted some of those cute hairbows for stocking stuffers, but not at 50% off.


Anyone else's store packing it up instead of marking it down?

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