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Angels and Demon DVD, around $10??


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Yes, I know,missed it! It showed up on my daughters christmas list of course after all the great deals. I knew I should of bought it then, well looking for it around $10 for DVD, not blu ray since its for her room. If someone bought an extra and wouldn't mind sending it first class, PM me. Yesterday RC Willey had it for $8.95 but we don't have them here and they don't ship.
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I could find it new on amazon.com for:



+ $2.98shipping New Seller: cheif_walters

Rating:97% positive over the past 12 months (29 ratings.) 29 lifetime ratings.

Shipping: In Stock. See Shipping Rates. See return policy.

Comments: Brand new , factory sealed

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I will check these out, just noticed the Blu ray with additional disk for $19.99 at Target and I have the $5 off blu ray coupon but not sure if they still have it in stock, was there earlier this week but wasn't thinking of this. I might have to go with the others if its sold out at our Target
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