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Lowe's X-mas stuff 50% off


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I went to Lowes today to see if their Christmas stuff was on clearance. Well, it was 50% off! This is includes indoor/outdoor, trees, lights, all sorts of stuff. The only thing it did not include was the Christmas storage things. My particular store was pretty well picked through, though.
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Really just odds & ends left at area Lowe's (Catonsville, Glen Burnie, Pasadena, Columbia).


But did find the whole Duct products display had been forgotten at the Glen Burnie Lowe's - packing tape, bubble wrap, mailers in red/green/holiday prints. They're 75% off & I'm always needing bubble wrap to store things, plus today is the last day for the BOGO storage totes - cheaper than the holiday totes, though I do still need to pick up a couple of wreath boxes.

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