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Holiday Lightning Deals Going on (Video Games!) @ AMAZON


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GOING ON NOW!! HURRRY!!!!! :eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin


Video Games Lightning Deals


Make sure you page over they have Wii, PS3, and Xbox on SALE




Guitar Hero 5


NOW: $59.99






Guitar Hero World Tour


NOW: $29.99






COD Modern Warfare


NOW: $47.99



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47.99 is not that great of a deal. they say the list is 79.99????? it is 50.00 everywhere on sale. I will pass on this one


I completely agree. Actually my mouth dropped open when I saw they only lowered it too $47.99. Call me spoiled, due to the toy deals i've gotten, but I want to see a lower price.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance


NOW: $9.99 :eyepoppin






Punch-Out!! Amazon.com Exclusive Little Mac Boxing Glove


NOW: $19.98





Phineas and Ferb


NOW: $17.98



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Is the DJ Hero with Eminem not a good deal for the WII? I notice a lot of them are not claimed.

I would like the music....I just don't know if it is something that would be fun for my kids. Atleast that is why I didn't get it,lol. I really don't want to buy DS14 the Tony Hawk ride either but he wants it,lol.

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No I think that it is an AMAZING deal on DJ hero renegade. I purchased the regular version which does NOT come with the stand for $114.00. Definitely taking that sucker back to Toys R Us. My 9 year old is dying for this game. I think that alot of people just either don't know about the deal or have had to make limit their purchases overall this year.
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Yeah I think its a GREAT deal too!! :yup:


dreamer11 ~ Order a new one and mail that old one back CS can't do anything about lightning deals ;)

I agree. The same thing has happened to me a few times since BF and the best Amazon customer service was willing to do was give a $10 promo coupon towards my next purchase. :bonk:

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