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Pink Beanbag Chair?

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I got one for my niece at BonTon.com...beware though, I think the pic shows a pretty shade of pink...this one is gaudy, more like fuschia colored...my sister says it's OK, so I'm still giving it to my niece, but I'm telling you, if it was for MY kid, I'd say, NOPE, take it back...ick...JMO...
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thanks everyone...i called like 3 targets trying to find the lady bug bean bag chair (which is perfect)...finally found one that had some in a "remote location" I have no idea what that is about...but they are trucking it over to the store and then will call me when it gets there and I can go pick it up! (they said they dont hold anything this time of year...so we'll see how this goes) everyone cross their fingers!
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