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Walmart price adjustmen

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I have looked on their website and can't find this info. I ordered my son a battery powered ride on toy I did site to store shipping and it hasn't come in yet. Today I noticed it has dropped in price by 100.00 will they adjust the price and refund me or do I need to order another one at the new price and when the more expensive one comes in just return it when I go to pick it up but what if the new one isn't here before Christmas because it is taking this one a long time to come in? Any help would be great!!! I emailed their customer service and haven't gotten a response yet.
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I know the policy is they will price adjust one time, so long as the item was not on clearance when you made the initial purchase. It depends on if its an online vs. store price too. (you have to compare apples to apples). I cant seem to find it in writing. If its an online purchase, then you should be able to call the local store and ask them for a #.
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