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I hope someone here can help me. I know nothing about video games. I was just looking over my DS9's Christmas list. ONe of the things he has on there is "cheat code for hornswoggle on smackdown vs. raw 2009 & 2010". This is for a wii video game.

Does anyone know anything about video games. I need help knowing what this is or what it means, and where to find it. Thanks.

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I don't know much but from what I know. This are books with strategy and codes to the game. I have seen this books at walmart, target, gamestop. If I was you just write down the name in a piece of paper and show it to a young guy working at a game stop. I am sure they have to know. Hope this helps and good luck!
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for cheat codes always check online





just type in cheat codes (game title)(system)


and you will see a whole list pop up.


some sites list different codes that others, so you just have to look around


Thank you so much. I am going to look here. If I can not find it then maybe I will just buy him one of the books.

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Here's the code for 2009 per my DS11, HORNSWOGGLEASMANAGER

(H,A,&M are bigger than the other letters, so it's possible that they are caps and everything else is lower).He will only be a manager and you can take him out from under the ring.

He searches on www.youtube.com under smackdown vs raw 2009 cheats. I guess he does the same thing for 2010.

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