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What/where are the best prices for Tag Books?

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I bought the Scooby Doo and Spongebob books at Walmart this past Sat for $10 each. I had a $5 coupon from the Wendy's kids meal bag good for either the Tag reader or any Tag book that made them $5 each. I think Ni Hao Kai Lan was also $10. I think this sale may be just good this week, but I'm not positive. The Tag book section was a wreck at Walmart! It was pretty empty and I got my two books and there were only one left of each book that I picked up. I've also heard that Kmart has some Tag books on clearance for $6. I haven't been by to check it out yet. I can't seem to get out without my kids in tow! I heard they are in a separate clearance section and I have no idea what the titles are. I'm hoping to find a book or two and use my $5 Wendy's q's to make them $1.
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Amazon has several titles for $5.99 with free super saver shipping if you spend $25+. I just ordered I Spy, the Pirate book, and Cars. I also saw Olivia and a couple other titles. I got three books and one Melissa and Doug puzzle to put me at $25 and saved a little over $6 in shipping.
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