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Fathead or Similar

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I can't believe how expensive they are:eek: Even with the buy one get one 1/2 off sale, they're still to rich for my blood. Is there anywhere else that sells this type of stuff?


Particular a Yankees emblem for my kids room:



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Kohl's sells them online. www.kohls.com

Check it out when they have their 30% off and free shipping.

I got 2 NY METS Fatheads last year with those discounts PLUS an extra 15% (or maybe 20%. Can't remember...) for an MLB promo they had going on.

I believe www.mlb.com carries them too.

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Thanks for the tips! I can wait for a 30% plus free ship plus kohls cash deal.


I didn't even know there was a specials section. The only yankee's thing they had was the Stadium but I did find the fathead jr. section which might be an option too. I have to measure when the kids fall asleep.

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