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Physical Therapist Gift


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How old is your physical therapist? A young man straight out of college would probably appreciate different items than a family man who has been practicing for awhile.


Does he have his own office in which he consults with you? Have you noticed any personal touches that could give you an idea of his interests? Does he like a particular sport which you could use for a craft theme?


Otherwise, there's always the gift card option for a shop which he may frequent if you can determine what stores he frequents.


When Beorn was doing all of his various therapies (four different ones at a time. oy, am I glad those days are over) my thing was (still is) cooking. I specialize in key lime pies and once I checked out the therapist's dietary preference (people love to talk about themselves as they treat you or your child and you lead the conversation that way) I would adapt the recipe to accommodate that and be sure to inform them of the ingredients when I presented them with their pie. They were anticipated by all of his therapists every year, and I had heard the occasional comment of "wow, I sure do wish Beorn was my patient," on occasion as the gifts were given each year. ;)

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