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Webkinz @ Cracker Barrel w/Sale


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i know it's not much, but their webkinz are 13.99 for the full sized ones and they are buy 1 get 1 1/2 off - it's the only deal on these i've been able to find so far.

And they have the ones where you get the full-sized one AND the pocket one *has a clip to attach to their backpack* for 13.99 also

so i got 2 full sized reindeer and 2 of the pocket clip reindeer for 21 plus tax.

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Justice has the ones where it has a little ones that comes with a kinz clip. They are $16.00 there, but you can get them 40% off with a Justice coupon. So they would be about $9.60 for one big one and one small one. I bought some from there yesterday.
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