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Xbox 360 20GB 3 games, 2 controllers-$199 refurb unit Buy.com


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We bought this same refurb system last November sans games for $149 from TigerDirect and its still going strong. Ds#1 bought a refurb Elite for $199 from OnSale.com a few weeks ago and passed the other one down to little brother. The plus to the Elite this year was the HDMI cable, which Microsoft quit including.
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I got my order today. They put the console and the games in a box with no fill and now the game cases are all busted. I contacted buy and they said I could send everything back if I'm unhappy. I don't wanna send it all back I just want not broken cases. I'm totally disappointed that they packed it so poorly. Ugh. I hope this is all resolved by Christmas.
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