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Sold out??


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Today my mom decided she wanted to get a Wii, so I was looking at some deals, and I was going to head to Wal-Mart to pick her up one, but I didn't realize it was an online only deal. :eek:


I went to check, but now it says it is sold out :confused: I thought it wouldn't start until at least 12 AM EST but I guess it went early? Anyone know if it is maybe a mistake?


and it isn't really a big deal because they will have some deals sometime now before Christmas but I was just curious


here is the link



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This has been discussed in the main thread in the Online BF Sales forum.


All the ad items show "out of stock" but that's just because they don't want them to go on sale until 12am PST. They will be in stock later tonight - none were sold at the sale price.

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