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Noise reduction/cancelling headphones

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If he likes Bose, he will be blown away by the Sure E2C. They are $64.99 at Buy.com, but you can probably get the new customer discount to take $5 off.

I can't seem to locate these. (I'm more than a little distracted today.) Do you have a link?


I just looked up the Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. Those things are $300.00! He wouldn't mind paying it, but if I could find him something just as good at a better price I know he would appreciate it.


I could also get them using his Amex Rewards Points, but they're 35,000 points! This year he decided to give us 10,000 points for our birthdays for a $100 gift certificate. If I spend 35,000 for the headphones, he'd only have around 40,000 points left and we potentially wouldn't get the gc-s next year.

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