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Wii 2-for-$20 Video Game Bundle @ WALMART


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9.99 Sonic and the Secret Rings



This is also in the walmart 2 fore 20, but in case someone wants to only use Amazon.




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This is the 2 for $30 deal with all the good games taken out. Sonic is good, but we picked it up for $10 at Costco last week. I'm disappointed with Wal-Mart. I'd been watching that 2 for 30 waiting for it to go down to 20 for the holidays like always, and they took out everthing we wanted! Bummer!
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we got in on the x box deal from wal mart- arrived damaged- wal mart refused to exchange at store- had to send it back and am now supposed to get the game console tomorrow but not the games for a week- This was my first (and last) purchase through walmart and sorry but am now stuck with 2 $50 gift cards
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