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Happy Black Friday to my fellow GD's!! I just wanted to mention this issue I had so people are aware of this before they head to the store..BB has in their latest ad as of Sun a Samsung 50 inch plasma 720p for $697.00 Thats the bf price..however as seen on here it says alot of things are on sale now so you dont have to wait..let me be clear for you..I called the store to make sure it was in stock..gentleman says yes..I say how many so I dont drive there for nothing..He says cant tell you the number(btw) why do they do that? I mean who am I telling? Anywho..he says there will be enough..so grab the guy next door with the pick up and head to bb...get there its a zoo..wait 30 mins to get service in tv dept..Finally my turn!! Im excited..yes I would like to purchase the samsung 50 inch on sale this week..

Ok..so the guy says you can purchase it but have to pick it up Fri..So I have a wee episode explaining that the ad says no where you have to pre pay...but cant have it. They actually had 9 but those are in reserve for the people waiting outside..so if your headed to the Amherst store people there are 9 of that model..or you can do like I did pre order it and pick it up Fri or over the wknd..Yes it saves standing in line etc however they need to word things clearer because there is no question its misleading..it makes no sense actually because they have them in store but wont sell those but are getting more shipment by fri..Ok Im lost..Just wanted to keep others informed because theres no way Im the only person that sees the problem with this... theres also a 46 inch thats on sale(bf) and they said they are back ordered on that one by 4,000...so yes it may say they have the item but according to the manager at bb she states yes the computer says they have it..like on here at gotta deal its got the blue shopping cart icon..well that doesnt mean doo-doo because the computer doesnt realize that there are quantities in reserve for bf as the ads are printed three months prior..hope this is helpful so others are not disappointed like me.. not to mention Im a lil bit upset that I didnt get my tv tonite..Oh...I had plans! Lmao..Happy Shopping Folks!!:holiday07

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