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Which camcorder you want to buy in black friday ?

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I'm firm on the S ony Handycam sx40 or 47. I've done comparisons between it and the Samsung, but my son likes the Sony and it has much better features. I' ve already put it in my shopping cart on A mazon and Best Buy. I'm also taking a Besst Buy ad to my local walmart to see if they will price match if I have to. I'm leaning toward the 47 because it has a 60 gig hard drive so no card will be needed. The 40 has only a 4 gig harddrive and it's only 50 less. The 47 has a list price on best buy of 369 and it will be 249. That's 120 off. So far every purchase I make amazon beats the deal, so I'm hoping they will this time too so I won't have to pay tax.
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There are a number of deals around for camcorders. I personally like the hard drive camcorders with expansion option via any flash cards.


Which deal is the best so far?

I have not looked at camcorders for a long time but from what I know you can get one that use a hard drive or memory or a small DVD.

Of the three I would think that the best one would be the one that uses memory.

A hard drive will fail at some time and the same thing with the ones the record on those small DVD.

I would think that the ones that use memory would last the longest.

Think about it if the hard drive dies or the DVD drive dies then the camcorder going to cost too much to fix.

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