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Blu Ray good buy - stupid about what makes it good


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Blu ray movies are in full 1080p so if you have a HDTV you will see your HDTV @ its best!


If you have a 780p TV it will only run in 780p but it still loooks GREAT!! :D


Ever go to a store that sells TV and the picture looks GREAT its b/c they are running blu rays making the TV's run @ its best. Normal cable providers only put out 600p they cant do more then that... Hope that helped....




Blu Rays Black Friday @ Walmart p29 $10 bucks :shock::D



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If you are not worried about using BD Live and streaming (basically connecting the player to the internet via wired or wireless) Boscovs has the LG BD270 on sale right now for $99.97 down from $169.99. Got decent reviews as just a player.


LG Blu-RayDisc Player #BD270



Check out this thread for a tip on getting a $15 gift card with your purchase.

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