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Heelys at SHOES.COM $23.99


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At the bottom of the page there are 5 pair of Heelys on sale for $29.99 each (boys and girls). They have FREE SHIPPING. I found this code ENTSHOES09 in the GottaDeal coupon and codes section and it works for 20% off. I think this is where I got a pair for about the same deal last year, does anyone remember this?


Out the door a pair of Heelys for $23.99


Happy Shopping!



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Look at the fine print of the ad for the shoes - it says the following:


Note: This Heelys style does NOT come with wheels. For proper fit, order one size up: Kid's 13, order size 1. Kids' 1, order size 2, etc.

oh dang....I'm glad somebody reads the fine print. I would have ordered. :cheesy: That is ODD! How are they Heelys without wheels??? That makes no sense. I thought All Heelys came with wheels. Without wheels they are just bulky shoes. :confused:

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