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Rock Band 2 for Wii $80 on clearance - YMMV


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Went to my local walmart tonight to look for the Up Blue-ray for 19.99 and use the $10 MQ. No luck there since its 29.99 here. But walked past a table of clearance stuff and there were a couple Rock Band 2 for Wii - complete with drums, guitar, and mike - sitting there marked down to $80. So I grabbed one since we only have Guitar Hero with just guitars. Seems like a good price but don't know how many stores have these in stock at that price.
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Last year when we bought Rock Band we were told no. They are not compatiable.


It depends on which Guitar Hero you have. I got a compatibility chart from Gamestop the other day but I don't have it any more. I'm sure other places have them too.

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