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BF Traditions


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What are your BF traditions? Do you camp out for days at 1 store waiting for a deal? Do you show up a couple hours before the stores open? Do you run, run, run all day? Do you stop for breakfast or Starbucks?


Last year, I took DF with me. We got to Target around 5:30 and stood in line. He stayed in the camping section, since there was no one in it and I ran to the video games and toy aisles to get what I needed. I then had him stand in the line around the store and continued to shop while he was in line. We got out of there around 7:30 or so then headed to Kohls. We got out of there around noon, thanks to the line and headed to IHOP. That was the best cause I was starving and tired already. We then drove 20 minutes to the mall and was there til 6 or so at night! Needless to say, we came home and slept!! LOL


Hopefully I will have some help this year, whether its DF or his BFF or whoever, but I plan on getting to Target around 4, then eating breaksfast before I hit Kohls. Being pregnant, I can't wait that long to eat and the lines at Kohls might kill me! LOL


So what are your BF traditions?

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