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Call of Duty, Xbox

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Looking for best price/deal on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 coming out tomorrow for Xbox.

Any help??

Yeah my son wants that game also.Im leaning toward the TRU deal they have for tomorrow.If you buy the game TRU will give you a $10 G.C. and if you are a rewards member you also receive another $20 G.C. So the game will cost $30 instead of $60.I doubt that game will go on sale lower than $30 anytime soon.HTH.

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Amazon has it to pre-order with a $20 credit towards a future video game. No tax no shipping. THat is where I got mine from. I actually got mine for $19.99 since I used my $40 credit from a previous promotion on Amazon. THe $20 credit is going towards Overlord 2 since I pre-ordered Assassins Creed 2 last nite and I dont have the credit yet from COD
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