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Charles in Charge (Complete First Season) LIST $19.98 NOW $4.99 w/FS @ Buy.com


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This was Such a Cute Show! :) Buy.com has the Charles in Charge (Complete First Season) (1984) DVD Set

List Price: See Details $19.98

Price: $4.99

Shipping: FREE

Total Price: $4.99


"Charles in Charge of Our Days and Our Nights, Charles in Charge of Our Wrongs and Our Rights..."



Features: DVD, Pan and Scan (TV Format), Aspect Ratio 1.33:1, Dolby Digital Mono, Preview , Featurette, English, French, Spanish Subtitled


"...profoundly watchable. It's the same bizarre dynamic that attracts me to Saved by the Bell." David Johnson, DVD Verdict

"...the eye-candy equivalent of a comfort food or a warm pair of slippers...[and] better than a lot of the family sitcoms the networks are running these days." Scott Weinberg, DVD Talk




Editor's Note


Popular during the 1980s, this sitcom stars Scott Baio (HAPPY DAYS) as Charles, an unlikely yet loveable nanny. In the first season, the 19-year-old college student gets a gig taking care of three kids whose parents have busy working schedules. Invited to live in their home, Charles juggles his child-rearing responsibilities with attempts to have a normal college life. Between romances, hanging out with his best friend Buddy Lembeck (Willie Aames), and keeping three pre-teens in check, Charles has his hands full. The first season of CHARLES IN CHARGE was unique because it was the only season to star the Pembroke family. The show got cancelled after its debut season, but in an unusual move, was brought back to television a few years later. When the show returned, it featured an entirely different family, the Powells. This release includes 22 episodes, including the series pilot. Just a few of the stars who appear as guests are Christina Applegate, Matthew Perry, and Meg Ryan. CHARLES IN CHARGE- THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON also includes a preview episode from the show's second season.



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