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Buy 2 TAG Activity Books, Get Your 3rd Free @ ToysRUs.com


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For those looking for the Tag Books...walmart.com is selling them for $9.97ea and all are eligible for site to store therefore no shipping charges . I returned all that I had bought directly from the store ($13.97) and saved some bucks and re-purchased from the web...now I see that Leapfrog is selling the component for $39.99 when I paid $49.99 at Walmart. Oh well, guess you can't get 'em all...
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A cheap way to get Tag is to combine the $10 off coupons from the Target toy book and from the Leapfrog site. It took $20 off of the $39.99.


Amazon is also having a sale on their Tag stuff right now. There are codes for $10 off the Tag system and $5 off the books.

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