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sears ONLINE layaway


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Sears and Kmart both jus launched online layaways. I have not seen any items on kmarts website that are available for layaway yet but there are a quite few on sears website. Being able to put items on layaway depends on them being in stock at the store you choose as your pick up store.
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The only thing about sears online layaway and i believe in the store as well these items can not be placed on the layaway


Unauthorized Merchandise

The following merchandise cannot be put in Layaway:

• Clearance Merchandise

• Home Appliances

• Automotive Merchandise

• Consumables

• Doorbusters/Early Open Specials

• Licensed Business (i.e. Optical, hearing aids, etc.)

• Gift Cards

• Beer and wine

• Flammable products and fuel

• Food and other perishable merchandise

• Live plants and horticulture

• Oil and chemical based products

• Photo Finishing and Portrait Studio pictures

• Chemicals

• Gas additives

• Magazines

• Paint thinner

• Pool chemicals

• Cellular phones and beepers

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