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Now I know how Santa feels...

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#1 LoveNcMountains  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 8:42 am

Ok, I have to say I am not in the greatest mood....First I did ALL of the christmas shopping....I got EVERY present for my 3 kids and gifts for my husband. Then I wrapped all these gifts...THEN I hid all these gifts....Then I got to put all gifts out. As usual, husband was TIRED! He did after all, get up later than I did, did everything I did yesterday (except he didn't make cookies and fudge, he sat there watching tv) and fell asleep watching the xmas movies we were watching (oh last day he went to work was Friday). After I tagged all the presents and shoved them under the tree and filled all the stockings I finally go to bed after midnight (I know not that late compared to others). There he is SNORING....I finally fall asleep at about 1am. At about 6am I hear some quiet talking (my kids are 8, 13 and 17yrs old)...My husband gets out of bed at 615 am. I decide I am going to stay in bed. WE have NEVER gotten out of bed this early on Xmas years past. My kids are allowed to go through thier stockings-and honestly the older 2 already know what they are getting, they made lists and know they always get exactly what is on the lists....My husband gets out of the shower and starts talking to the cats. Never does this any other day. Oh might I mention my husband knows what he is getting for xmas too ("Lost" dolls, oopps I mean action figures). At 715 after I have fallen back asleep, my son is outside my door saying "MOM" and the rule in my house is your not allowed to wake me up. This isn't their first rodeo! I lay there...just pissed. I already know what I am getting...How? Because my husband can't be bothered to try and get me something, I have to tell him EXACTLY what to get me (I just told him to get me a gap gift card) because he claims he doesn't know...or my favorite "I dont' have time" yet he has time to buy Lost cards on ebay and find binders to hold them AND look up stuff on the internet about it and other things that interest him. I managed to find the stupid dolls he wanted on ebay along with a Lost shirt. And when do you think he wanted to buy this Gap gift card? When we were ALL out shopping TOGETHER last weekend. here is what I heard "Well when am I supposed to get it?" IIIII got to look it up on the internet to tell him that: A. You can buy them at Gap.com B. YES It is free shipping (would hate to spend an extra couple of bucks for shipping!) Do you think he could turn the coffee pot on? Nope, it was ready to go, just waiting for the timer to go off (7:20) to turn on. Throw the cinnamon buns in the oven? Nope, that would require removing them from the freezer turning on the oven and putting them in it! Is this how Santa feels? He does all the work and no one does squat for him? I guess he does get all those cookies and letters...I didn't get cookies, except for the ones I made of course! And I did get to WRITE a letter from Santa.... I guess I should be used to this by now. Why do I think this will ever change? Ok rant is over, I have to go start on Xmas dinner, it won't make itself! And I think I hear grumbling about batteries, I guess I need to find some.

#2 dylsar  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 9:11 am

Sorry your morning was rotten, hopefully it will get better :)
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#3 o_arlene  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 9:40 am

Same here I went to bed 2:00 Am in the moring I spent like 3 hours putting together a kitchen for my dd4 then got to put all the gifts from the basement up to the living room and today I'll been putting toys together since 8:00 am I still have 1 more to go (princess castle) I'm exhausted!!! really my back hurts etc..but my husband is in Iraq so it's just me...crazy morning but is once a year merry christmas and happy new year

#4 jeninpa  OFFLINE  


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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 10:57 am

I do it all too but I love it,lol. Althought I do wish DH could think of something to buy me completely on his own sometime,lol. I started putting out gifts at 1:00am, finished at 2:30am and woke up at 9am when my 4 kids (12,11,8 & 4) woke up. I don't work though so I consider everything like this my job,lol.
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#5 lisamag  OFFLINE  


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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 11:21 am

wow you sound peed off. sorry ;) i go through that too only i have to deal with my dd's father then a husband. which sometimes is a good thing lol. i did it all my self last night too much like you did only i didn't get anything but the looks on their faces was enough for me. i do wish i had more help when i'm wrapping or putting it out at night, but other then that i don't mind it. hope your day gets better and remember your not alone :gdhug1:

#6 Trishy  OFFLINE  


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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 1:17 pm

Sorry your morning started out so rotton. Mine is going great but I don't have any little ones anymore and have a thoughtful husband that can find his way around the kitchen. I hope your day gets better.

#7 Shortness  OFFLINE  


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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 1:22 pm

I'm lucky. I was up late, but dh stayed up to almost the same. He did wake me up a couple times this morning, and finally made me get up at 8, but it was ok. The kids were excited to get moving. I am sick right now, thanks to my dd--and feeling a bit yucky--so I said it was ok to open gifts before breakfast. That really made the kids happy. Anyhow, hope your day gets better. Merry Christmas.
If not today, maybe tomorrow...:mail:

#8 mom2thegirls  OFFLINE  


    This kid is a nut.

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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 1:35 pm

I had to remove the toys from all the tape and twist ties, put the Polly plane together (sheesh all those pieces!), put the bounce and roll skee ball toy together, get the little pony crap out of the cement like plastic. I also finally hooked up the ps2 console to the olivea I bought on Thanksgiving so the kids can play the new games. I'm so tired of being the mechanically inclined one at my house.

#9 hwolf6330  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 3:49 pm

:lmao: Gosh it sounds so familiar. I remember those days. I finally got fed up with it and opened my mouth and told them. Things are better now that the kids are older and dh helps out more. Dh even does good with the gift-giving now. He actually puts some serious thought into what he wants to get me now. I have been married 16 years and it took 14 for him to finally get it. Hopefully things will be better next year.l

#10 teebee  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 5:47 pm

Typical man, sorry but, my husband is like that. I've had no sleep and my kids got up at 5:30 and after they opened eveything, he went to sleep, I did the rest!!!

#11 laffnatu  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 6:47 pm

Hopefully your day got better. It does sound a little like my hubby. He waited in bed while I cooked a HUGE breakfast this morning. We ate and then opened presents. Everyone went outside while I was stuck inside cleaning up all the paper, boxes and bags. I also ended up putting presents away so I could get my living room back to normal. I decide to take a nap while the ham is cooking. Hubby wants to watch a movie in our room while I'm napping. I get up and start cooking supper. Hubby's still watching tv in our room. He finally got up when supper was ready. I cleaned up the mess. Hubby then says he thinks he'll go watch tv and wait for me to bring him a big ole piece of cake with milk. And yea, I did. Everyone played poker for a few hours. I had to make hubby get out of bed to play. lol. He played for awhile then said he was tired. He does have to get up at 3:30am for work, so I let him go. That was 2 hours ago and he's still in the bedroom watching tv again. LOL. I don't know what he's watching.. some marathon. It was either Law & Order or Cold Case that he recorded. I guess I pampered him today because it was his only day off for the holidays.

#12 dereksmommy  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 25, 2007 - 7:54 pm

my dh is the same he had to be at work 4am xmas eve so was in bed by 9pm i got everything done by myself its the same every year so i am used to it

#13 xfountaingrl  OFFLINE  



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Posted Dec 26, 2007 - 8:12 am

I am so sorry that you had to do everything. I couldnt help by laugh while reading your post because it is the same as my bf. Granted we dont have kids, so its not as bad as what he put you through, but my bf doesnt lift a finger either. All he had to do was buy my gift and thats it. He sat in his pjs all day the other day while i went out and finished the shopping, did the grocery shopping and wrapping. I asked him to help me unload the dishwasher so I could bake a pie...... his reaction "i'm too tired" WTF. I know your pain girl!!!!

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