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I think I win for worst Black Friday experience.

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#1 jewelzdag  OFFLINE  



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Posted Nov 26, 2004 - 9:10 am

See the worst part of my story, is not that I waited since 1:00 am in line, is not that it was freezing cold. No no, my experience is the worst is because even though I did my best, I still got screwed. So me and my boyfriend went to compusa at 1:00am, waited in line, were second in line. We got in the door, looked for the geforce 6800, there were none on the shelves, so I went straight for an employee. There was already a guy talking to the employee, but I was second. Me and this guy followed this employee all throughout the store for about 10 minutes while he tried to located the cards. Then I see this older dude in a blue jacket walk in the door, he comes and asks him too, and proceeds to join the parade along with about 7 others. While walking along of course, this jerk pushes me against the metal shelves several times while trying to keep my place in "line". Well, turns out there were only 2 cards in the entire store, so obviously, you would think me and the guy that talked to him first got it right? Nope, see the problem is I'm a woman, even worse a girl, and couldn't possibly want a high quality graphics card. So the guy gives one to the guy that was rightfully in front of me, looks at me and says "you're with him" (nodding to the first dude), then hands the other card to the guy that didn't even enter the store till many minutes after our search for the card. So I said to him while the parade walks to the registers, "I don't understand, I'm not with this guy, I don't even know him", he says "so?". I say to him, "but I asked you for the card in line after him" . He says "tons of people have asked me for this card today", I say "yes, but I was second after the other guy you gave the card to", he says "oh well" and walks off. Soooo I relate my story to the store manager, and he gives me "his business card" and says to call later and see if any more show up, just to get me to shut up. That's only one of the many infractions done to me just trying to get a simple stupid card, not to mention that no one I talked to would even speak to me while looking me in the eye or my general direction at all, as if I was some small fly on their manly wall of hardware. So not only was I second in line outside, I was second in line for the actual card, and still no go, because... I couldn't possibly want a card because I'm female and must be with a man? I dunno, maybe I'm going to far, but I didn't even speak a word to this man I was supposedly "with". And this isn't even going into the fact that their online store counted 12 available at this location, there were only 2 handed out by the employee, the first employee to go through those doors full of hardware, and when I check out my nice little sonata case (which I could have easily have bought online without the urge to strangle people), I find out from the cashier that there were 10 available at store opening and taken. The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from that is that the other 8-10 were reserved for employees. Sigh... (and no I'm not a feminist or any some such, but I do believe I was overlooked merely because I was the only female there)

#2 stephcharter  OFFLINE  



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Posted Nov 26, 2004 - 9:52 am

Sorry about your experience that sucks they should have handed out tickets for the big items they only have a few of. And the store employee was so rude and unfair too. I didnt think they usually got that cranky till after noon. Maybe BB or Amazon.com will have on a good sale before christmas.

#3 samcasey  OFFLINE  



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Posted Nov 26, 2004 - 11:41 am

Jewel, sorry to hear your sad story. These f*cking stores never learn. You'd think after so many years doing BF sale, they'd get a few things right. No way, Jose! Year after year, it's the same crap, same madness, same chaos. Maybe they simply enjoy watching people trip all over around them for their merchandise. Holiday spirit, huh! I was at Sears this morning for the $10 Wish Card for the first 200 shoppers. This one is in a mall and has two stories with entrances on both. Supposedly people should line up on the first floor and enter the store. No, there's always some "smart ones" that came a few minutes before opening but figured maybe the 2nd floor door would open the same time and gathered around there. When they found out it wouldn't open as they speculated, they dashed down the stairs near the entrance and burrowed their way into the first floor line and cut in front of people who came an hour earlier. Sears should've handed out these cards before they opened the door, but it probably never dawned on them that such unfair practice could happen, even just for a puny $10. You'd think they are smarter than that and able to figure out such a simple, smarter way. I should've figured them out myself, since they lowered themselves to the point of getting bought by the King of Customer Disservice -- K-Mart!

#4 peri  OFFLINE  



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Posted Nov 26, 2004 - 1:41 pm

Man, that sucks. I did the same thing you did, only I got to my BB @ 3:45, and was like 15th in line. When I didn't see the vid card on the shelves, I knew it had to be locked up. I ran for the exchange dept, and got the first card and left :/ Sorry to hear about your horrible story. If I were you, I would have gotten a laptop ticket as a bargaining chip. You still need to call corporate and tell them your story... if you're really serious about getting the card, just ask to talk to the next person up in chain of command if the person on the phone won't give you what you want

#5 saygt  OFFLINE  



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Posted Nov 26, 2004 - 2:26 pm

my friend witnessed a woman taking a "ticketed" digicam then proceeding to check out. Then when the cashier asks for the ticket, her excuse is "she lost it." Crazily enough, it worked, and 1 more person in the store was left to be screwed.



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Posted Nov 26, 2004 - 4:53 pm

I learned my lesson years away avoid BB unless it's a super must have item like $800 on an HDTV.

#7 hindupapi69  OFFLINE  



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Posted Nov 27, 2004 - 10:13 am

Ouch... that really sucks! I think your story is right up there with my horror story posted in:

But I think your story is definitly worse since you didn't get what you wanted!

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