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Target Reimagines Toy Experience for the Holidays

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#1 Brad  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 17, 2018 - 5:03 am

Obviously trying to make up for the loss of TRU:



#2 wittenlover  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 17, 2018 - 10:49 am

Clearly. It will be interesting to see what this "reimagined" experience looks like. While I'm not in the market for toys, per se, I am a tabletop gamer and would love to see them keep/expand their tabletop gaming options. :)

For those curious: Kitty in my pic is current furbaby, Mew, curled up in a box far too small for her. Ha! "If I fits, I sleeps!"


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#3 momlori  OFFLINE  


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Posted Oct 17, 2018 - 11:34 am

I can see they are trying to bring the Toy R Us toy playing experience to Target which is good but clearly do not see how they will have the space

#4 jesusluvu  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 18, 2018 - 6:06 am

I can see they are trying to bring the Toy R Us toy playing experience to Target which is good but clearly do not see how they will have the space

Exactly. I went into a local store and they have moved everything around to try and make space. I am a little OCD and I could not shop at all. I hate searching for anything when I know exactly where it is suppose to be. I can only imaging the lines in Target now too.....they will most likely be an online only spot for me this year 

#5 mommyofanangelb  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 18, 2018 - 3:01 pm

Whoa! No way are my local Targets (I have 2) going to be able to look like this...this space just isn’t there. I always contemplate whether or not I will stop at Target on BF...this makes my decision easy....NO! The idea sounds good, we’ll just have to see how it plays out. I will be sure to check it out on my Target run this weekend. See if I notice anything starting to change.
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#6 kellis4321  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 19, 2018 - 10:02 am

I’m not crazy about Target anyway so, but I don’t know where to go for toys this year. I usually only buy online,but now I will look at the toy section a little more closely! Still won’t go in there though! The lines are outrageous!!!

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