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Refurbished Dell Mini 10v Sale


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Use coupon code "CKQ4QCFB1HFLLV"



Extra 15% off refurbished Dell Mini 10 and 10V netbook


The trick is to keep keep checking the listings, the prices change from $249 to $269 frequently throughout the day (I've even seen $229, but its very rare). This is for the first 1,000 customers though so you may want to move quickly


After I closed on mine,


New Netbook $300

Refurbished price after coupon $211


I saved $89 (30%) off a new one!!!

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did you get a black one, or were you able to get a color for that price?



Sams club has the colors on sale for $299 ....





and the black is $298.88







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Here are some @ the dell outlet and you get 15% off Refurbished Dell Inspirion Mini 10 or Mini 10v Netbooks at Dell Outlet with Dell Coupon Code CKQ4QCFB1HFLLV [Exp. 09/21]


its reg $259 and comes to $220.15 after Coupon






After you open link below click the blue word price and it will sort by price...



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HP makes a pretty good one but its $279...


HP Mini 110 Mi Edition series laptop Specs:

HP Mini 110 (NW111AV)

• HP Mobile internet (Mi) software built on Linux

• Intel® Atom Processor N270 (1.60GHz)

• 1GB DDR2 System Memory (1 Dimm)

• 8GB (Solid State Drive Flash Module)

• Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with a 5-in-1 Digital Media slot

• 10.1" diagonal SD LED Anti-glare Widescreen Display (1024 x 576)

• HP Mini Webcam with HP Imprint Finish (Swirl)

• Wireless-G Card

• HP Color Matching Keyboard

• 3 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

• HP Mini 110 Mi






Also click below for Free Shipping. Free HP Printer (after $70 Paperless Rebate)



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I've been looking at this for my little guy (9) but they don't have a cd/dvd drive, so watching a movie is out and loading games/programs would require a separate external drive. Not sure because of that...but the size is perfect for him...he goes ga ga over them when we're in the store, telling me how much he NEEDS one just like this. lol:tongue1:
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I downloaded movies off a rental website, and watched on an airplane with my acer one. Be careful with mini 9 for $199, it only has Linux, instead of windows, and a 4gb hard drive, instead of a 120gb. Heck, my cell phone, and all of our mp3 have more memory than that.
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I ended up getting it for $249 to start and 210 after the coupon


a nine year old is perfect for this computer, its not too heavy and it does basic computer functions that any 9 year old would wanna do (internet wired or wireless, works, flash/java websites, watching youtube, downloading video, etc) as long as your not playing Doom 3 or any HIGH end video games (were talking like $1000 computer type) then this is perfect for him


Refurbish I believe come with the same warranty as a new computer, plus we all know how kids are....I used to be one myself (I think). Now the negative is that it doesn't have a cd-rom drive, but at this point many people don't use cds anymore

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